Honors Students

For help with course planning, please download the appropriate requirements sheet:
Honors BA Requirements Worksheet
Honors BS Requirements Worksheet

The honors program in the Department of Psychology provides high-performing students with a more rigorous undergraduate experience. 

Students who have been accepted into the University Honors Program (UHP) are eligible to declare an honors psychology BA or BS program. The honors curriculum follows similar requirements to the general psychology major with the following additional course requirements and/or recommendations:

  • 4xxx or 5xxx level courses: BS students are required to complete at least one of the PSY distribution area courses (A, B, or C) at the 4/5xxx level. BA students are recommended to do this as well. For both programs, you are strongly encouraged to choose a 4/5xxx level course in your area of research interest as this promotes a greater connection to potential faculty mentors.
  • PSY 4994V Honors Research Practicum (prerequisite: PSY 3001W/V): This is your required thesis supporting course.  You will take this class during the Spring term of Junior year, as this course helps prepare you to begin working on your honors thesis that will span your Senior year. Students may take PSY 3001V and PSY 4994V concurrently with the approval of the Psychology Honors Faculty representative.
  • PSY 5994 Directed Research: PSY Honors Thesis (prerequisite: PSY 4994V & senior status): Your Psychology Honors Thesis is almost always a year-long (two semester) endeavor. We highly recommend that you begin planning this experience in the Spring of your Junior year. You can learn more about the psychology honors thesis experience on our website. This 5xxx-level course does not count as a Graduate-Level Course for Honors Course requirements. 

Note: Psychology offers Honors versions of several courses, including PSY 1001H: Honors Introduction to Psychology, PSY 3801H: Honors Introduction to Psychological Measurement & Data Analysis, and PSY 3001V: Honors Introduction to Research Methods.

Registration priority is for declared Psychology Majors in the University Honors Program. PSY 3001V seats are generally not available for Psychology Minors.