Scholarships for Language Students

There is a wealth of scholarship opportunities for students to study language on campus or abroad. Scholarships are considered “gift aid” because they are a source of free money—financial aid that does not have to be repaid.

  • Start at One Stop with an Undergraduate Scholarship search. This search will give you an individualized list of scholarships for which you are eligible to apply based on your student profile. Please check back frequently as you will only see scholarships that are currently open.
  • The Office for National and International Scholarships has a searchable list of scholarships, including learning abroad opportunities.
  • CLA also offers college scholarships for incoming, continuing, and transfer students based on academic merit, financial need, special talents, interests, and qualities, or other criteria defined by generous scholarship donors.
  • Check with your language department: AAASAISAMESCNESFRITGNSDIGSSPPT.
  • Want to study a language in another country? Check out the Learning Abroad Center's scholarship page.
  • We track scholarships available for students of various languages. See the full list or view scholarships available for specific languages. Search for scholarships based on the language you are interested in learning.