Policy Analysis Sub-Plan


Sociology addresses the social and structural factors in international relations and domestic policy and politics. This sociology sub-plan emphasizes social problems and policy analysis and considers the role of social differentiation in creating conflict, social movements, and social protest.

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Work directly with:

  • law
  • politics
  • policy analysis
  • social welfare
  • problems of at-risk populations (domestic and global)

Pursue a graduate program in:


Supportive field courses

Choose at least four supportive field courses outside of the Department of Sociology; 12 credits minimum. Other courses not listed in the University Catalog may be considered as appropriate; please see our sociology advisor to discuss how to have other courses reviewed.

Suggested Sociology Electives

Check out these sociology electives that pair well with this sub-plan. Please note that not all courses are offered in both spring and fall semesters.

SOC 3003 - Social Problems
SOC 3101 - Introduction to American Criminal Justice
SOC 3102 - Introduction to Criminal Behavior and Social Control
SOC 3201 - Inequality: Intro to Stratification
SOC 3211W - American Race Relations
SOC 3221 - Sociology of Gender
SOC 3251W - Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender
SOC 3301W - Politics and Society
SOC 3322W - Social Movements, Protests, and Change
SOC 3411W - Organizations and Society
SOC 3451W - Cities and Social Change
SOC 3511 - World Population Problems, SOC 3613W – Food, Culture, and Society
SOC 4101W - Sociology of Law
SOC 4105 - Sociology of Punishment and Corrections
SOC 4246 - Sociology of Health and Illness
SOC 4309 - Religion in American Public Life- Culture, Politics & Communities
SOC 4321 - Globalize This! Understanding Globalization through Sociology
SOC 4411 - Terrorist Networks and Counter-terror Organizations
SOC 4461 - Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Conflict

BS in General Sociology

Students must complete 5 Sociology electives for a total of 15 credits, and at least one sociology elective must be at the 4XXX level.

BS in Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance

Students must successfully complete SOC 3101 or 3102, two or three Law, Criminology, & Deviance 4XXX-level electives, and one elective that is not a Law, Criminology, & Deviance course.

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