Sociology Major

Sociologists study a broad array of topics including intimate relationships, friendship groups, families, education, politics, economic arrangements, organizations, law, crime, inequality, deviance, illness, and more. We are curious about what is going on in the world and more importantly: why and how?

Sociologists seek to answer these questions using research methods such as statistical analysis, survey research, ethnography, interviews, and historical/comparative research. The results of sociological investigations help develop new theories and inform social policy, programs, and laws.


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Develop vital skills applicable in a wide range of fields

A degree in sociology offers you the opportunity to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, quantitative and qualitative research skills, written and oral communication abilities, cultural competence, and a big picture perspective. These skills are beneficial for today's multicultural and dynamic job market as well as foundational for success in graduate or professional school in a wide range of fields.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

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