Undergraduate Minor in Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Justice

Students with many different majors find sociology of law, criminology, and justice a useful and compatible minor. Coursework for this minor may cover a broad array of topics, including intimate relationships, friendship groups, families, education, politics, economic arrangements, organizations, inequality, illness, and more.

Declare Your Minor

To declare your minor, download and fill out the Law, Criminology, and Justice Minor Application. Email it to sociology advising at socadvis@umn.edu or deliver the form to 909 Social Sciences Building.

Your application will be processed within two to three weeks. A copy of your minor program form will be sent to your college office, and we will notify you by email. You are not required to see an advisor for the declaration of your minor; however, you are welcome to stop by during drop-in hours. Students are encouraged to declare their minor early. There are no prerequisites to declaring. 


Sociology of law, criminology, and justice minors are designed to enhance study in other majors, so students may not major and minor in the sociology department. All of the minor credits must be completed on the A/F grade basis with a result of a grade of C- or better in each course.