Undergraduate Minor in Population Studies

Students with many different majors find a minor in population studies useful and compatible minor.

Population studies encompass the study of the size, structure, and distribution of populations across space and time in response to birth, migration, aging, and death. Changes in the size and composition of populations, as well as in the underlying components of population change (e.g., mortality, fertility, and migration), strongly influence and are influenced by natural and human systems in ways that are increasingly consequential.

Declare Your Minor

Before you declare

Please view the Program Catalog for the population studies minor.

CONTACT: To declare your minor, download the Population Studies Minor Program Form. Fill out the Minor Declaration Form and email it to socadvis@umn.edu or deliver the form to 909 Social Sciences Building.

We will process your declaration and send a copy of it to your College advising office who will officially add the minor to your record.  You will know it has been fully processed when you see the Population Studies Minor on your APAS reports. You are not required to see an advisor for the declaration of your minor; email works fine for most students. Students are encouraged to declare their minor early, there are no prerequisites to declaring.


Minors are designed to enhance study in other majors, so the population studies minor is intended for all students. All of the minor credits must be completed on the A/F grade basis with a result of a grade of C- or better in each course. Special approval is needed for internship-for-credit courses that are related to population studies related, 8xxx-level courses, and some Grand Challenge Courses (GCC).