Transfer Students

Transfer students are required by the College of Liberal Arts to attend the Transfer Student Orientation. At orientation, you can find an overview of the major requirements for sociology and meet with our sociology departmental advisor.

Transferring Your Courses

Have you already completed sociology courses at a different institution? The Department of Sociology's advising office must confirm your courses to accept credit towards your major or minor. Courses must be transferred to the University of Minnesota and visible on your APAS report before any official determination can be made by our department. This is normally done at or after your Transfer Student Orientation. However, we can do a tentative evaluation prior to an official transfer.

Evaluating Your Courses

If you would like to see if your specific courses have already been evaluated and if they can be applied toward your Sociology major or minor requirements, you have two options. Use the online tool, Transferology, to submit your courses for review.

Our advisor will check if your course has previously been evaluated by the Department of Sociology (within the past five years). If so, we will communicate this evaluation to you.

If this course has not been evaluated, we will need to evaluate the course very carefully via Transferology. We examine the syllabus and any additional course materials you can provide. The evaluation takes approximately 1-2 weeks and our advisor will contact you with the results of the evaluation. (You will receive course evaluation forms and transfer course evaluation cover sheets at Transfer Student Orientation.)

Please note that courses from a Criminal Justice (CJ) or Law Enforcement (LAWE) program are unlikely to transfer to our majors or minors as those programs are much more technical in nature and have a different scope than our own Sociology courses. The University and the Department of Sociology are not part of the POST program here in Minnesota.

Find information about transferring to The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and how to contact a CLA Transfer Student advisor.